Handmade, Craft Inspired skincare that’s gentle, restorative, and fortifying against the desert air

I create cottage craft inspired art and body care products that are gentle and also restorative to skin. The central ingredient is to my products is Calendula, a plant known to be soothing to irritated dry skin as well as appropriate to help wounds heal. I grow this plant, and extract the botanical benefits of the flowers that I use to make healing skin products. I operate my business in Bluff, Utah by selling online , direct to consumer, and to businesses. I began crafting calendula soap and salves to heal my skin from desert environmental exposure and from the daily wear and tear of cleaning and gardening. .I began developing a passion for gardening during college where I had the opportunity to study permaculture—an approach to land management that puts a focus on flourishing natural ecosystems—and work for a Native Plant Nursery specializing in high-altitude plants that grow in the Arizona Desert. My background in gardening and interest in herbal remedies united to create calendula body care products for sensitive skin that hold up to the desert conditions of my new home in southern Utah.   
When my daughter was born, it was important to me to treat her eczema with something natural and non-toxic. Along the way, I was able to create products that alleviated my own sensitive skin and related conditions as well as those of my friends and family struggling with various dry skin-related afflictions throughout the desert. 

About Calendula
Calendula is renowned for it’s efficacy in treating skin conditions.

Whether it’s an infection, minor cut, burn, or wound, or dry, damaged, or chapped skin, insect bites, even eczema, antiseptic calendula can speed healing.

--Benefits of Calendula Oil
It's your skin that will receive a good bulk of the benefits, due to the oil's anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and related properties. Here are some of the promoted benefits of this oil:

1. Skin dryness or chapping — Calendula oil is a great moisturizer for dry skin and for severely chapped or split skin. It helps soothe the area and reduce the pain.

2. Inflammation — It works well on sprained muscles or bruises; its anti-inflammatory action helps lessen swelling from injury. Calendula oil also helps treat spider veins, varicose veins, leg ulcers and chilblains.

3. Baby care — The oil helps relieve diaper rashes, which can extremely irritate an infant.

4. Minor cuts and wounds — The antiseptic and antimicrobial action of the oil help speed up healing of wounds and minor cuts, and also help relieve insect bites, acne and bed sores.

5. Skin issues — Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin problems can be soothed using calendula oil, applied topically. Calendula oil's antifungal action is also great for helping treat athlete's foot, ringworm and jock itch.

I create the soil with my compost, and a lot of ridiculous determination. I motivate my plants along until they become able to abundantly produce flowers and then I pluck and dry them all growing season long.
It just makes me happy. Finding and adapting recipes that make my skin feel healed has been a long path of education, but its all done for pleasure and love . As a woman with rosacea, and a highly sensitive constitution I have used what grows in my garden to help with harsh skin discomforts.
Sometimes I dismiss that it's work. But my final product was months in the making. I spent many baby naps in the heat or wind digging out places for gardening in pretty much clay. It's a huge project. And I am so proud of all that work, and the salves and oils I produce.

*** I am not a Certified Organic Farmer and organic products used in ingredients are noted. My plants used in my products are grown organically.

**** I am actually a certified life coach ( certified by The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts 2016)

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